The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales

Item#: A7018


Are you a sinner? As salespeople, we all make mistakes. What you may not realize is that we are in control of whether or not those mistakes become habits. Once you’ve seen the light, you can create new habits to take your business from mediocre to supercharged! 

In The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales, Leigh Brown, the “No Bullshit” Realtor, gives you the deceptively simple solutions you need to: 


  • Learn the sins you are committing in your business so you can confess your problems 
  • Develop the discipline to banish those sins - and your guilt 
  • Take your interactions with customers from frustrating to fun again 
  • Discover how to pick yourself up when you fall off that horse 

Are you ready to commit to being the best version of yourself so you can have the business - and the lifestyle - of which you have always dreamed? If so, then go forth and sin no more!