Essentials of Real Estate Investment

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David Sirota (Author)

Paperback Edition

• Essentials of Real Estate Investment examines the current real estate market and describes investment methods, needs, and opportunities.

• It educates students and professionals on the basics of investing in real estate and can help consumers make better choices when it comes to investing their money in real property.

• Real estate may provide a profitable alternative for an investor's portfolio with much of the income sheltered by deductions for operational costs, interest expenses, and depreciation.

• Case studies provide real-life application and help reinforce key concepts.


About the Author:

David Sirota is founder and Chairman Emeritus of Sirota Consulting, a firm with a national reputation for improving performance by systematically measuring and managing employee, customer, and community relationships. He previously served as IBM director of behavioral science research and application. Sirota has taught management at Cornell, Yale, MIT, and Wharton, and was a study director at the University of Michigan's Institute of Social Research.


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Publisher: DF Institute, Inc., d/b/a Dearborn Real Estate Education (2019)

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