Sentrilock Lockbox

Item#: Q1000


*This item is limited to one (1) per NVAR member and cannot be shipped.  Pickup only.

• SentriLock’s Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockboxes are built with the highest quality materials and engineered to withstand attack. • SentriLock delivers the highest security for your clients with features found in no other lockbox system, including holding a LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) certification; the leading international certification body in the fields of security and fire protection.We know how important a seamless on-the-market experience is for you and your clients, that’s why we offer the latest in lockbox technology. Download the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile App and upgrade to this new lockbox today!

  • Advantages of this new Bluetooth compatible lockbox includes:
    • Seamless integration with the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app
    • Ability to access lockbox without the need for Wi-Fi.
    • No need for card renewals.