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Closing Gifts & Co. is a Veteran owned and operated boutique creating authentic, completely customizable wood decorations. Rather than scrolling through endless websites to find generic closing gifts that may otherwise be tossed away by clients, Closing Gifts & Co. creates something that is special, personalized, and displays the depth and sincerity of a Realtor’s® gratitude. Whatever you imagine for your client, we can create for you. Each individual product is made with the utmost care and dedication, making it the perfect closing gift for Realtors® and the individuals and families they have served. These handcrafted works are equally as unique as they are ornate, hanging beautifully wherever they are placed in your client’s home -- a symbol of shared appreciation and a reminder of the exceptional service you provided. 



Service. Honor. Integrity. As Realtors®, we strive to embody these attributes, to ensure successful real estate transactions for individuals and families. Closing Gifts & Co., a veteran owned and operated boutique, expertly handcrafts unique closing gifts specific to the request of the Realtor® and their intended recipient. These personalized pieces are created before closing, and may be delivered to the new homeowner, or to the Realtor® directly. Our hand-crafted works are versatile and may be displayed prominently within your client’s new home or as an elegant outdoor piece, accentuating their new property and serving as a reminder of your premier service to them, while keeping you top of mind, guaranteeing referrals for years to come. One hundred percent of the proceeds from each custom creation purchased will be donated to Operation Rescue Veterans, a nonprofit organization established to assist veteran fathers in the family court system.


Bio/ About Us:

Nicole Rodriguez began her real estate career in Tampa, Florida 8 years ago. After much success on the sunny shores, she and her family made their way to Northern Virginia in 2019, where she continues to be a top producing Realtor® in her area. Nicole’s husband, Jeremy Rodriguez, a United States Marine Combat Veteran, started making closing gifts for her clients. Nicole quickly realized how astonished her clients were of Jeremy's talent. After searching for an online closing gift store, they noted there was no centralized, simple way for Realtors® to order customized gifts for their clients prior to closing. Nicole, who understands the real estate industry and the needs of agents, decided to partner with Jeremy and create a company that would offer truly unique, authentic closing gifts to Realtors®. Thus, Closing Gifts. & Co was born! Though designed for Realtors®, Closing Gifts & Co. is available to all! These original, completely customizable pieces make a wonderful addition to every home. Need something over your entryway? Looking for a decorative piece for your family room? We’ve got you covered! Whatever YOU envision, we can make it happen! Did we mention our pieces make fantastic gifts? Whether celebrating a birthday, holiday, or just wanting to show a loved one you care, Closing Gifts & Co. has your back. We create heartfelt, thoughtful gifts that will be remembered and treasured for many years to come.


Realtor® Benefits

Stay connected with your clients after finalizing the deal with thoughful gifts to help them settle into their new homes. 


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