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We offer a 24 hour turnaround time, so you can get your listing up next day! Additional in-depth edits may take an additional 24 hours. Each photo package includes 30-45 photos, giving you the best angle of every room without overwhelming you with choices. We offer a wide array of image services, including day to dusk digital twilight, exterior and interior image enhancement, and virtual staging.

Looking to get aerial shots of your property? We can help you decide if drone photography is right for your property, and get a licensed FAA pilot out to your shoot.

Changeover Media is run by Brittani and JJ, who met at Radford University and have a combined 20 years experience in the media industry. They define themselves as storytellers and work hard to help everyone, from a charity organization to a first time home buyer, tell their story in a creative and beautiful way.

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Photography and video partners enhance listings by creating a unique visual experience for clients and offer tech savvy solutions like virtual tours and other digital solutions.

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Securing a meeting with a buyer or seller is an important first step, but how do members set themselves apart? Using the technology tools and service provider experts available through their membership, they can create presentations that will cement the client relationship. Shop Realtor® competency solutions help to boost the Realtor’s® confidence and their customers’ with cutting-edge, polished presentation materials, home improvement service providers, and a wealth of ideas culled from local, regional and national industry experts.