EPR^2 provides a modern on-site clean energy solution that aligns the interests of commercial property owners, tenants, and lenders. Their solution is also the only program for multi-tenant, commercial properties that is feasible with all lease types, including NNN. With offices in California, EPR^2 owns and operates solar and other on-site energy solutions on behalf of building owners and tenants. EPR^2’s clients receive the benefits of discounted clean energy without the obligations of ownership, allowing them to focus on their core businesses.


Member Benefits

Our Company believes that there is a better way to deploy clean and renewable energy technologies on commercial buildings. We believe that it’s possible to develop distributed generation projects on new and existing buildings using commercially available technologies while aligning the interests of property owners, tenants, and investors/lenders – financially, legally, and operationally. We believe that by leveraging the real estate industry, we can accelerate the deployment of existing and new technologies, which will immediately benefit property stakeholders, the local community, and the environment.


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Securing a meeting with a buyer or seller is an important first step, but how do members set themselves apart? Using the technology tools and service provider experts available through their membership, they can create presentations that will cement the client relationship. Shop Realtor® competency solutions help to boost the Realtor’s® confidence and their customers’ with cutting-edge, polished presentation materials, home improvement service providers, and a wealth of ideas culled from local, regional and national industry experts.