Commercial Member Profile


The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Commercial Member Profile details the business and demographic characteristics of NAR commercial members. Commercial members have expertise in the field of commercial real estate and have experience working in many property types. The typical commercial member has 25 years of real estate experience, 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, and has been a member of NAR for 18 years. They had a median of 7 sales transactions in 2017, down from 8 in 2016. Fifty-one percent of NAR’s commercial members work in sales and 16 percent in leasing. Forty-nine percent are brokers and 29 percent sales agents. The median age of a commercial member is 60 years old.


Member Benefits

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Business Marketing

Starting a business is the first step but getting potential clients to find them requires much more. Using membership resources and the Realtor® brand, members can develop market-penetrating techniques, positioning materials and an effective online presence. Their agent profile, Realtor® logo products, volume-based sales awards and access to exclusive Realtor® content resources will help to make their name known and grow their contact base.